My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: Movie Review

OPA!! Here’s a fun one for you! My favorite movie to watch when my sister and I would go on camping trips with my dad was My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I would sit there and watch the whole thing on repeat. One day, it got stuck in the DVD player. I was so upset; what was I gonna do now? I’m pretty sure my Dad did it on purpose. Anyway. When I heard about the sequel I was stoked. I finally got to see it, and here is what I thought.

In My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2we meet back up with the Portokalos family seventeen years after the original wedding. Things are not going so well for them at the moment; the travel agency and the dry cleaners have both since closed, which forces Toula (Nia Vardalos) to return to, Dancing Zobras, the family restaurant where her story first began. Gus (Michael Constantine) has multiple health issues, but remains his very Greek self, Ian (John Corbett) is now the principal of the school, and Ian and Toula’s daughter Paris (Elena Kampouris) is about to go off to college.

And if things couldn’t have gotten any worse, Gus found out the priest that married him and Maria (Lainie Kazan) 50 years ago never actually signed the marriage licence.  Gus wants to go straight to the church to get it resolved, but it isn’t that simple for Maria. She wants Gus to propose to her for real — because apparently Greek men don’t know how to propose in any sort of romantic way. Which means brownie points for Ian!


The Portokalos Family.

Maria not wanting to get married without a proposal causes a big riff within the family. She won’t cook or clean, and She and Gus fight all the time. After an unfortunate bathtub incident, Gus FINALLY proposes to Maria and thus the Big Fat Greek Wedding planning ensues. The wedding planner they hired quits after a series of hilarious Portokalos adventures. The family must then rally to create the wedding of Maria’s dreams.


John Corbett and Nia Vardalos as Ian and Toula in My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

While talking so much about romance and the wedding, Toula and Ian realize the romance in their marriage is dead due to Toula’s need to fix everything, her family, Ian works too much, oh and their daughter. They decide, well Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) decides and we are graced with a famously hilarious Voula pep talk, to go on a date to rekindle their romance. After their date gone wrong, Ian tries to reminisce about the early stages of their relationship. Being their adorable selves, they start to have a make out session in their car, which is then promptly interrupted by Gus. Between Voula and Gus I am still laughing!

We also follow a little bit of Paris’s story. She is an typical teenager, but with the added bonus of her over bearing family on her heels. They even follow her to a college fair at her school. After they cause a bit of a ruckus (smack talking the admissions officer for Northwestern), she tells them she is applying to schools far away. Everyone freaks out including mom and dad in which she then says Gus’s famous line “Why you want to leave me?” Ian and Toula decide to give her the benefit of the doubt when she gets into NYU and Northwestern! Go Paris!


Elena Kampouris and Alex Wolff as Paris and Bennett.

It wouldn’t be a romantic comedy without a love interest. Because in typical Gus fashion says she must marry nice Greek boy. Paris is crushing on Bennett (Alex Wolff), a boy from her school. He has a humiliating experience while asking another girl to prom in the hallway; Paris goes straight up to him, with everyone staring, and asks him to prom. He says yes (even though he doesn’t know her name). Awkward. They get to know each other on the way to prom and finds out he is Greek. They talk, laugh, dance and kiss. To me they have a wonderful time. They then skip over to the wedding reception because, of course, they’re the same day.

Even though there were a couple of hitches, Gus and Maria are married again. And Ian and Toula, sort of, get married again at the same time which I must say gave me all the feels. Oh and on a side note we finally find out why Angelo (Joey Fatone) isn’t married yet (don’t wanna spoil that one for ya!)

That was a bit of a whirlwind. I’m sorry, but that was a bit what the movie was like. However, I did think Nia Vardalos did a wonderful job writing this script (again– She also wrote part 1). It gave us fans of the first movie everything we could ask for, laughs, pulled heart strings, and something anyone can relate to.

I will admit, even with the story line moving through the various characters, it was a bit slow at times. But who can complain when Gus gives Paris a bottle of Windex with a bow on it when they drop her off at college. This is a definite feel-good movie. If you’re a fan of the first one, you’re gonna love seeing this crazy family back together.


Στην Υγεια σου! (Greek– Cheers to your health!)

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