Netflix’s Amanda Knox Documentary | Foxy Noxy

by: Rilwan Balogun

I remember seeing clips about the American girl who was claimed of killing an English women overseas. When this happened I was 11 and wasn’t entirely focused on the news at that time but I do remember it being a big deal. Since then I never looked into the case.

First, this documentary is stunning. The scenic views of Italy, you would think it was an ad from the country’s tourism industry. Incredibly beautiful shot. Even the prison was gorgeous.


This doc was present by three central voices. The prosecutor. The reporter. The suspects. Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollectio talks us through their recounts of what happened and lead up to the murder of Meredith Kercher. The reporter, Nick Pisa, was kind of the audience’s vessel through the case. He talked about his thoughts on every and about the media circus this case drew in. Giuliano Mignini, the prosecutor on this case, told us the point of view from the police.


There was a moment in the doc when Knox was telling us the moment when her mom came and visited her in jail and the directors, Rod Blackhurst and Brian McGinn, did a perfect thing they just kept the shot on her as she wept about having her mother see her in prison.

“…at a certain point a police officer slapped me behind the head and was like ‘remember’ and slapped me again and said ‘remember get your brain straight.’ And then I broke.”

There were moments where the reporter, Pisa, kind of made some insensitive remarks on the case. He talked about how if at the time you searched Knox they found a picture of her with a displayed machine gun and her smiling. They did the same on Sollectio and they found a picture of him dressed as a mummy. The used both pictures on the front page of a newspaper.

As a reporter, it was interesting for me to hear his accounts of the case. He mostly talked about how he was glad he was there to cover it. I imagine he talks about the case quite frequently. As anyone would if they had a front row to a global story.

If you’ve seen The Jinx, Making a Murder, or even OJ: Made in America, this is something you’ll want to watch. It’s a telling of a famous case with the real players. Unlike, The Jinx, there isn’t a big reveal at the end of the the hour and 32 minute documentary that you probably don’t already know after a quick Wikipedia read on Knox. But what will keep you is the emotions. Towards the end, not going to spoil anything, there is footage of when Italy’s Supreme Court made a decision. It was an interesting scene to see what she does and who she talks to, for me at least.

Final questions:

  1. Everyone claims their innocents, but who killed Meredith?
  2. Why did Knox and Sollectio at one point turn on one another?

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